Tomorrowland (2015)

Action, Adventure, Family
George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Britt Robertson, Raffey Cassidy
Bound by a shared destiny, a teen bursting with scientific curiosity and a former boy-genius inventor embark on a mission to unearth the secrets of a place somewhere in time and space that exists in their collective memory.
Ambitious and visually stunning, Tomorrowland is unfortunately weighted down by uneven storytelling.
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Incredibly Disappointing1/10
When the director of "The Incredibles" signed for this film, I was looking forward to the same amount of humor and exhilaration present in that animated masterpiece, something similar to what the little boy expresses when he realizes he can run on water. Nothing remotely close occurs in "Tomorrowland", a film that suffers from having too big a budget and hardly any original or exciting thoughts. It is also hindered by the fact that almost all of the actors appear clueless and not quite matching their characters. There's something about George Clooney being suave when needed and bit of an oddball in some other cases, but he's no Harrison Ford or Tom Cruise, and though the lead actress is pleasant to look at, she makes you wonder if casting directors shouldn't go through a more comprehensive training.

Just recently "Mad Max" showed how an apocalyptic universe can be created with the use of minimum CGI, giving the film and story more weight because it felt real. "Tomorrowland" has some gorgeous computer graphics and way too many visual effects that must have caught a good deal of money but don't add much to the dramatic, action, or comedy scenes. They distract.

The premise was interesting, and I liked the idea that girls are giving important roles, but as I said before the introduction is sluggish, and the movie never recovers from it. Traveling through multi-dimensions has been explored before with even more complex concepts, and the results have been spectacular. We can think of "Back to the Future", "The Matrix" among others, and some of the "technology" that pops here has been displayed to a much better use and without overdoing the clunkiness in shows that some people might consider cheesier but a lot more fun. Do you remember "Lost in Space?" I had flashes of "Aliens", "The Transformers", "The Rocketeer" among others, and though there was a lovely recreation of the fifties. There is not much to commend in the film. It's like a dark ages of cinema took over whatever inspiration went in, leaving not much but a pretty, loud, expensive, but expensive package.

I remember a few years ago when "The Return of the King" was criticized for its many endings, well, I did experience quite a bit of anxiety and pain by watching the endless final scenes in this film as the point was made over, and over, and over, and over, and sadly enough another modern masterpiece came to mind as flashes of "Ex Machina" went by. Yes, money can buy a lot but it's hardly the currency Hollywood needs for true imagination or inspiration. This is a film that was 130 minutes too long.
Look Who's Preaching1/10
Veiled in sparse, mysterious promotion, TOMORROWLAND is, well, kind of based on the section of Disneyland providing a retro-reversed future, viewed through the awe-inspired eyes of the 1950's when true Science Fiction reigned and dreams were storybook creative and Utopian deluxe.

Starting out as a ROCKETEER meets CONTACT, we have two young heroes – first a brilliant boy who will grow into George Clooney; and then a determined girl who receives a magical pin to enter the titular location that includes a monorail (sans the rail) and other futuristic CG visuals, as if George Lucas created a live-action JETSONS... But Steven Spielberg seems the nostalgic influence of director Brad Bird. Unfortunately, as we're detoured into a clunky road picture involving intrepid kids and banal villains, it's more of a limp GOONIES than a Millennial CLOSE ENCOUNTERS.

The lead character, Casey Newton, has a "special" gift, especially heightened when she receives that device, allowing her to glimpse into a strange new world, introducing that splendid location teased upon before detouring back on our "filthy" present time. The action sequences are shot well enough, but there's never a legitimate reason to go from one point to the next. And as Brit Robertson overacts through this big budget blockbuster, she'd be perfect for a Nickelodeon TV movie or sit-com...

Not that our A-list George Clooney is that much better. Grumpy and lethargic, when his eccentric former boy genius Frank Walker engages in physical activities, it's as awkward as the non-chemistry with his young partner – think Doc Brown and Marty McFly, on Valium. And from the very onset, there's another young girl whose purpose shouldn't be spoiled… She winds up taking away from what Robertson should have had: a genuine connection with Clooney. Instead, the trio, together during a supposedly pivotal arc, seem like they're rehearsing for three different movies at the same time… and badly.

Calling TOMORROWLAND preachy, as some mainstream critics have had to reluctantly admit, is an understatement – and an insult to films with a more subtle/less overwhelming message intact: not uncommon in the Sci-Fi genre, especially going back to the Atomic Era 50's. Yet the final doomsday monologue by Hugh Laurie, while reminiscence of Michael Rennie's anti-nuke lecture at the peak of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, is more annoyingly hypocritical (coming from Disney) than overall effective.

Too silly to be deep and too complicated to be involving, TOMMOROWLAND doesn't feel especially catered to any particular age group. Basically, director Brad Bird and co-scriptwriter Damon Lindelof have taken us for a long misleading ride. And the irony is... they meant to.
Upbeat positive story for the whole family.8/10
I looked forward to this movie since seeing the trailers. The stunning visual of Britt Roberts transported to an other worldly place, then George Clooney asking "do you want to go?". Seriously? Heck yea! Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic, but I enjoy stories that hold out the promise of adventure mixed with hope and some genuine magic. I was not disappointed. Tomorrowland hit all the right points with me--adventure, mystery, characters to love and root for, surprise story twists, laugh out loud moments, and, the best magic of all, hope. Saw it twice, second time with grand kids. I will be adding Tomorrowland to my Disney collection.
A spectacular Disney sci-fi thrill ride9/10
I went and saw this with an open mind because of the mixed response, and I must say I had a blast.

The story is unique, creative and quite compelling. It is original science fiction which we do not get too often. The film is inspired by the Disney park, but at the same time, it's more of it's own thing.

It is well acted and the characters are quite likable and believable. Frank Walker is interesting, entertaining and has a sense of humor. Casey is also an interesting character. I think George Clooney and Britt Robertson portrayed their leading roles very well.

The film is also quite funny at times. During this film, I think I may have laughed more than I usually do at the movies, which is saying something.

I think Brad Bird did a very goo job directing. The visuals are stunning and the special effects, while mostly CGI, are impressive. The action scenes are neat and intense. There is not a single moment where I was bored with the film. It also pays a nice homage to the Sci-fi genre.

The one problem I had with this film is that I was expecting a little more of the "Tomorrowland" place and that the story needed a little more work.

Overall, this was a great film and I highly recommend it to fans of science fiction. Plus, I think it totally puts "The Haunted Mansion" (2003) to shame.

In the end, "Tomorowland" may not fully realize it's potential, but it should be satisfying as a fun and intriguing Disney family sci-fi/adventure comedy thrill ride.
Why do people hate this movie?10/10
Don't listen to the haters giving this movie ones and twos, because this movie is phenomenal! This was my favorite Disney movie… before Inside Out came out (then it became my number two favorite). The characters are nice and fun with just enough screen time and character development to make them likable. The story: Brad Bird's GREATEST PREMISE since a Superhero family! The world is going to end because someone has implanted that idea into everyone's heads. So it is up to a girl with a great imagination and determination to save it. But the twist is the bad guy in this movie isn't George Clooney for making the device, or the Audio-Animatronic girl, or even Hugh Laurie. It's US. Because we didn't know any better, we didn't try to fight the idea of the end of the world. So, in a way, WE are the reason that this movie exists. I guess the only reason people hate on this movie is because of the continuity errors and the fact that they are the bad guys. Speaking of, this movie does have it's faults, but who cares when you have a great story and characters AND amazing special effects. And, yeah, the effects in this movie are beyond amazing. When I saw Tomorrowland for the first time, and the rocket in the Eiffel Tower, I was blown away! I saw the trailers and the effects made me gravitate towards this movie! And the trailer is probably another reason why people don't like this movie. The trailer made it look like an early preview for Star Wars 7. I was also expecting that, but when I saw the actual movie, the trailer didn't matter. So what if you didn't get a dumb action sci-Fi flick. You have a new original idea acted well, directed well, written well, and made at the right time that this movie should have been a hit! Tomorrowland: Disney's dream on the big screen, and I LOVE IT.