Air (2015)

Sci-Fi, Thriller
Norman Reedus, Djimon Hounsou, Sandrine Holt, Peter Benson
In the near future, breathable air is nonexistent and two engineers (Norman Reedus and Djimon Hounsou) tasked with guarding the last hope for mankind struggle to preserve their own lives while administering to their vital task at hand.
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  • Christian Cantamessa, Chris Pasetto Writer:
  • Christian Cantamessa Director:
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6.5 But I rounded up my vote.7/10
I give this a 6.5 but u can't do that so I rounded it up to a 7. I really liked this film up until it's first ending... At about 1:25:00. Then it seemed like they gave in to the crowd who says "what happens after that?" or even worse the crowd who says "oh, u have to show the guy get the girl" and added an additional ending that was, in the lightest of terms, unnecessary. To me, it just messed up a really good film.

This is a sci-fi drama about two guard/maintenance workers at an airtight silo housing VIP scientists who are all in a sort of cryogenic sleep because the outside world has been contaminated. These guards are also in a sort of cryogenic and every six months they are automatically awoken to analyze data about the air in the outside world and do routine maintenance on the pods/facility. Evidentially, these VIP scientists are meant to foster in a new civilization when the outside environment becomes hospitable again.

This was designed/written to be a relatively inexpensive film to shoot. There are only 3 characters and they are underground an in a fairly small place so it's obviously a dialogue driven film and the tension was done pretty well. Sure, it could have been done better but this a good start for this director. Just should have ended it where It should have ended, 5 minutes early.

Overall, solid film. As I said, my rating is a 6.5.
Solid overall movie8/10
A bit of a spoiler- SO SPOILER ALERT After watching this movie, I was surprised at the emotional depth it created with only 3 constant actors. The relationship between Bauer and Cartwright had an interesting feel to it, as like all movies in the beginning everything is run of the mill feel good. But as you see court wright start to unravel, it really digs into the human psyche. While I personally would of liked a different beginning, showing some back story to Bauer, and the apocalypse, it still does enough for you to gain a feel for what kind of person Bauer is. I would of also enjoyed a little more with Bauer and Courtwright "bonding". As it sort of takes off fast, and leaves you wanting more for a build up. Without summarizing what happens during the movie, I really enjoyed the ending. To me it really did the character justice (trying not to include names to not spoil anything.) Last point, I really wish they showed the character dealing with the consequences of his actions towards the end, the sort of did that with almost like a quick recap. I really wish they would of invested a little more time in showing the emotions left after. Overall, a good movie. It keeps driving a long, while making you think. I'd suggest it as a good "date night movie." As long as you can enjoy a good story and dialogue piece, you should like this one.
Well worth watching if you enjoy sci-fi dystopia genre7/10
Despite other reviews I've read i liked this movie. Read no further than this review, or the synopsis because the less you know the more immersed a film will feel.

It's about two men who service a facility which hold the last remnants of humanity and civilization. The air outside is toxic, there are other facilities just like theirs out there.

Although the cinematography was average, and i think some scenes could have emphasized claustrophobia better; nonetheless, the production value was great which is necessary for films in the sci-fi genre. The soundtrack i really liked and it really sealed the deal on my interest. From the start there was growing suspense that kept me fixated.

Up until the conflict, i felt like i was alongside them in this dystopia. I don't think the chemistry between Bauer and Cartwright was really that fluid and the dialogue (banter) itself was sloppy and forced. But they really shined when they were in their separate scenes and that is what held my intrigue.
Very good9/10
I'm not sure what is with other people, but I thought this movie was very good. Maybe they just can't enjoy something that is not a big blockbuster budget mega action movie.

I enjoyed the entire movie. I thought the story, acting, set were all good and kept me watching and thinking the entire time. Never once did I think it was boring or wish that it would hurry up already. I thought both main characters were very good and I was never sure who I really wanted to root for.

There were only a few places where I thought things wouldn't have gone the way they did them but maybe that is just me.

Yes, I would definitely recommend this movie if you like to think and feel rather than just be entertained.
I Liked It!8/10
Found the sense of isolation, seclusion, possible hallucination (?) and building paranoia immersive as I find them intriguing as themes to begin with; kept me glued.

The sense of "unknowing" is vital in this one since leaves viewers with an unsettled feeling. Hence, I like that this gives only enough context without an all-out explanation as a prelude.

Good story about characters thrown together into circumstances beyond their control and how they handle the unexpected.

I found the pace just right, not too fast and not too slow either. Bottom line, I'd watch it again!